MI Tech Medic offers data recovery service on nearly any hard drive and all operating systems. When you experience a data loss situation it is extremely important that you not try to resolve the problem yourself as it may cause catastrophic and permanent data loss. If you don't understand what is happening with your system, don't do anything; seek the advice of a hard drive data recovery professional.

We will evaluate the extent of damage for $35 and determine the potential for recovery. This cost is fully rolled into our data recovery cost if you use us for the service.

If your drive is making any unusual noises such as clicking, grinding or metal scraping, turn it off immediately! Extensive damage can occur in a short period of time if a drive is left running, making the data irretrievable. In this situation it is best to turn off the system and bring it to our facility for analysis.

If you've accidentally deleted files, formatted the drive, or emptied the Recycle Bin, DO NOT install any software or save additional files to your drive. Doing so may permanently overwrite the deleted items and render them irrecoverable. If you are in the middle of a project when you discover files are missing, or you believe they have been deleted, save the current project to a flash drive or other storage device. Don't write, install software, or save anything to the drive where the missing files were located. Although you probably won't need hard drive repair, you may want to be safe rather than sorry.

If you are tempted to use commercial utility software such as Norton Utilities, and attempt recovery on your own, you may render your data unrecoverable!

Most recovery issues are solved without a clean room (expensive sterile environment required for advanced recovery) and at a rate that won't break your budget.

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