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MI Tech Connect

Helps You Stay in Control

If you're looking to save money, and take control of your computer! Simply download and install on your Windows device, enter the info on the prompt screen, sit back, and relax.

This free software will monitor your computer and notify you whenever one of the following issues arise with your device:

  • Hard Drive Failures
  • Application Crashes
  • Blue Screens of Death
  • Low Disk Space
  • Fragmented Drives
  • No A/V Installed
  • Disabled Firewall
  • Device Manager Issues
  • Contact MI Tech Medic DIrect app
  • *Remote System Health Monitoring
  • *Remote Windows Patch Management
  • *Remote Application Patch Management
  • *Anti-Malware Software
  • *Managed Virus Protection
  • *UNLIMITED Malware Removals
  • *Discounts on Technical & Remote Services

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What does MI Tech Connect do?

MI Tech Connect is a FREE, lightweight Windows App that monitors your computer health, notifies you of any issues, and provides you with a quick and easy form to contact MI Tech Medic. It allows us to quickly review your issue and and let you know how best to address it.

What is the Monitoring Package?

An upgrade to the free software, the Monitoring Package automatically sends MI Tech Medic notifications any time your computer experiences an issue.

For many issues, we will be able to connect to your computer remotely and fix your device quickly, without you having to bring it in, and at no additional cost!

What is the Protection Package?

The most comprehensive package we offer: contains all services included in the Monitoring Package and real-time virus, malware, and internet surfing protection through EmsiSoft, a top-ranking cybersecurity suite.

In addition, all Protection Package users get UNLIMITED free remote virus removal services from us! We handle everything from settings, to schedules, quarantines, and removals remotely as soon as there is an issue! 100% Free of charge!

Does MI Tech Connect SPY on me?

No! Only system information is ever passed to us, nothing else! Your personal files, data, history, etc. all remain completely hidden from us.

Which is right for me?

Basic Package

FREE / Lifetime
  • 24/7 Built-in Contact Form
  • Health Warning Alerts
  • Tech Connector Remote Software
  • 90-Day Service Reminder
  • 5% Off Technical Support

Monitoring Package

$5 / month
  • Basic Package Features PLUS
  • Free Remote System Health Monitoring
  • Free Remote Windows Patch Management
  • Free Remote Application Patch Management
  • 20% Off Technical Service

Protection Package

$10 / month
  • Basic & Monitoring Features PLUS
  • Anti-Malware Software
  • Managed Virus Protection
  • 10% Off Remote Support
  • UNLIMITED Malware Removals

Partnered with Emsisoft Anti-Malware

The ultimate weapon against all internet threats.

Why Emsisoft?

Malware demands proactive solutions!

Malware comes in all shapes and sizes. It can (and will) take advantage of static protection gaps as well as unsuspecting users' mistakes. When sophisticated malware such as CryptoLock-style viruses can immediately take and hold users' data hostage, the need for premium, up-to-date protection is clear.There's an arms race at hand, and if you do can't prevent your computer from becoming a victim of anonymous thieves, then you can't use your computer as intended: with peace of mind. With MI Tech Connect Managed Antivirus we can help protect your computer and give you that peace of mind!

What is the Managed Antivirus add-on?

By enabling the Managed Antivirus add-on on your devices, you will ensure that they will be protected by Emsisoft Anti-Malware, one of the most robust and reliable products on the market. We'll be able to clear your computers and/or workstations of viruses, malware, and potentially unwanted programs, then keep those devices under constant protection. We can also protect you while you browse the internet, with real-time surf protection. With MI Tech Connect, you get I.T. done right!


AV-Comparatives is one of a few independent testing organizations who put much time and effort into executing thousands of the most dangerous real-world malware samples, to determine which antivirus products can effectively protect against them. Emsisoft constantly ranks exceptionally well in these tests – and in many others.


Malware Removal Guarantee

Receive personal assistance in emergency situations instead of being forced to fill out an anonymous support form that might not get a reply.

Emsisoft is a premium software vendor, for premium customers, and offers a malware removal guarantee

Customer Integrity

Treating customers in an honest and respectful manner is the foundation of sustainable business.

Emsisoft doesn’t share your data and doesn’t betray customers for a quick profit made through nasty toolbar bundles or governmental interests. Emsisoft simply offers efficient AntiMalware, for your computer and you

Proactive Prevention

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a proactive weapon, made to prevent infection from all internet threats. It protects you from worst case scenarios, like data- or money-loss and identity theft.


Aiming for excellence - in technology, service and ethics

Emsisoft receives plenty of awards year by year and usually scores in top 20% in all comparative tests.

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