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MI Tech Connect

Helps You Stay in Control

If you're looking to save money, and take control of your computer! Simply download and install on your Windows device, enter the info on the prompt screen, sit back, and relax.

Our team of experts will keep a watchful eye on your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, with network monitoring services that will keep your IT performing at its peak. Let us oversee your IT needs so that you can focus on your customers, clients and the work that you do best.

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring the health of your systems
  • Technician notification in the event of a system critical network issue
  • Thresholds setup to identify low disk space, failing drives, malware detection, and issues indicative of potentially risks.
  • Disk management including de-fragmentation, clean-up, and monitoring of free space
  • Asset Management – full hardware and software inventories
  • Managed Anti-Virus (Vipre or WebRoot)
  • Contact MI Tech Medic Direct app
  • Remote System Health Monitoring
  • Remote Windows Patch Management
  • *Daily critical Failure backups
  • *Anti-Malware Software
  • *UNLIMITED Malware Removals
  • *Discounts on Remote support
  • *Discounts on In-Store & On-Site Technical Services
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!

Get Started for as little as $10/month today!

What does MI Tech Connect do?

MI Tech Connect is a lightweight Windows or Mac App that monitors your computer health, notifies you of any issues, and provides lets MI Tech Medic correct most issues quickly and easily with no additional cost to you! It allows us to quickly review your issue and and let you know how best to address it.

What is the Business Package?

Our Business Package means proactive solutions to solving many workstation and network problems and providing ongoing automated maintenance of your IT systems. Less unproductive downtime for routine maintenance which reduces overall IT Support costs and increases productivity.

Remote Monitor and Management provides a 24 hour automated view into the most critical pieces and parts of your IT systems. Managed Services offers the broadest and deepest support available to monitor and manage your entire network environment. We discover, monitor and manage servers, desktops, laptops, virtual machines, switches, routers, firewalls, gateways, phones, printers, even multi-function copiers and more.

What about Sercurity

Security is a critical consideration for anyone connecting to the Internet. Equally as important for businesses and individuals alike, whether you have a broadband cable or DSL, a dedicated circuit, or even a dial-up connection they all need some type of firewall and intrusion prevention system.

MI Tech Medic understands the damage that can be inflicted by the increasing numbers of destructive virus threats, and that an ounce of prevention can save our clients from devastating consequences and unexpected expense. We incorporate industry leading, multi-layered virus protection products and methodologies to keep your network safe, and we constantly monitor your systems to ensure safety.

Does MI Tech Connect SPY on me?

No! Only system information is ever passed to us, nothing else! Your personal files, data, history, etc. all remain completely hidden from us.

Which is right for me?

Home Computer

From $10 / month
  • 24/7 Built-in Contact Form
  • Remote System Health Monitoring
  • Remote Windows Patch Management
  • Fully Managed Virus Protection
  • 10% Off Remote Support
  • 15% Off Malwarebytes 3.0 Pro
  • 20% Off Technical Service

Business Monitoring

From $15 / /month
  • 24/7 Built-in Contact Form
  • Remote System Health Monitoring
  • Remote Windows Patch Management
  • Fully Managed Virus Protection
  • Network Monitoring
  • Included Remote Support
  • 15% Off Malwarebytes 3.0 Pro
  • Discounted On-Site Technical Service

Business Monitoring PLUS

From $25 / month
  • Includes all ``Business Monitoring`` features PLUS:
  • Critical Failure Back-up
  • Vipre or WebRoot AV Protection
  • 20% Off Malwarebytes 3.0 Pro
  • Free Remote Service
  • Included On-Site Service Calls

Partnered with MalwareBytes, WebRoot & Vipre AV

Industry leading technologies to protect you from internet threats

Why WebRoot, Vipre, & Malwarebytes?

Malware demands proactive solutions!

Malware comes in all shapes and sizes. It can (and will) take advantage of static protection gaps as well as unsuspecting users' mistakes. When sophisticated malware such as CryptoLock-style viruses can immediately take and hold users' data hostage, the need for premium, up-to-date protection is clear.There's an arms race at hand, and if you do can't prevent your computer from becoming a victim of anonymous thieves, then you can't use your computer as intended: with peace of mind. With MI Tech Connect Managed Antivirus we can help protect your computer and give you that peace of mind!

What is the Managed Antivirus add-on?

By enabling the Managed Antivirus add-on on your devices, you will ensure that they will be protected by Vipre or WebRoot, two of the most robust and reliable products on the market. We'll be able to clear your computers and/or workstations of viruses, malware, and potentially unwanted programs, then keep those devices under constant protection. We can also protect you while you browse the internet, with real-time surf protection. With MI Tech Connect, you get I.T. done right!


AV-Comparatives is one of a few independent testing organizations who put much time and effort into executing thousands of the most dangerous real-world malware samples, to determine which antivirus products can effectively protect against them. WebRoot and Vipre are constantly ranks exceptionally well in these tests – and in many others.


Malware Removal Guarantee

Receive personal assistance in emergency situations instead of being forced to fill out an anonymous support form that might not get a reply.

We use premium software vendors, for premium customers, and offer a malware removal guarantee.

Customer Integrity

Treating customers in an honest and respectful manner is the foundation of sustainable business.

We don’t share your data and don’t betray our customers for a quick profit made through nasty toolbar bundles or governmental interests. We simply offer efficient AntiMalware, for your computer and you.

Proactive Prevention

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware are proactive weapons, made to prevent infection from all internet threats. WebRoot, Vipre and Malwarebytes protect you from worst case scenarios, like data- or money-loss and identity theft.


Aiming for excellence - in technology, service and ethics

Our AV and Malware systems are consistently ranked as best in class for protection and security.

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