It is always less expensive to have your computer or laptop repaired at a shop rather than having to pay a technician to come to you, spend hours working on only one project, and not always have everything they need to finish the job. Additionally, you may not know exactly what components you need to take with you and deliver -- That is why MI Tech Medic will offers a pick-up & Delivery service!

If you don't need onsite service and fall within our free delivery radius, we would be happy to pick up and deliver your computer! Outside our radius, we will also do pickup for a small additional charge to cover gas and expenses.

Contact us for further details or to schedule a pick up.

Onsite service may be recommended if:

  1. Anyone with large or stationary equipment.
  2. Networking computers is best done on-site.
  3. Cleaning and maintenance of multiple units.
  4. Systems which require minimizal down time.
  5. Those who can't bring their computer to the shop.

If you're not sure whether or not you need your equipment picked up, give us a call! We will gladly assess your needs and help you determine whether delivery or onsite repair is your best option.

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